This site was created by concerned citizens of Lompico who are interested in an alternative to the current proposal to merge by the San Lorenzo Valley Water District. If you are reading this, it probably means you are of the same mind set and we would like you to know that you are NOT ALONE. We want to encourage you to create an account and to visit the Forum and FAQ tabs for more detailed information and to start and/or participate in a forum topic. This site will be updated daily, so come back often.

Glad you can join us!

Lompico has been railroaded

Stop the YESS

Since we have been denied our right to vote on the merge, I now suggest that you tell all your neighbors and fellow registered voters in the district to vote down the YESS candidates., or as I have heard them referred to, the "SS" (Schaller and Schneider). It is doubly important that we keep a voice on the board until the bitter end!

Just say no to Schneider and Schaller!

The Truth about Untruths - Counter to the SS Myths and Facts

Sometimes, when people speak untruth, it is because they are just not educated to the facts. Maybe they are gullible and just believe what they are told is correct without ever checking to be sure it is so. Other times people just speak untruth because they have heard it posed as truth for so long that they have come to believe it is so (especially true in our case).

Then there are those who just speak untruth because it deflects other people from seeing the truth (REALLY TRUE IN OUR CASE).

Speaking untruth is like serving unclean water and it is corrupt and sickening.

The residents of Lompico need to wake up and decide for themselves who to believe. We encourage everyone to REALLY look into their hearts and minds and realize they are being taken advantage of. When someone wants a "blank check" and will got to any lengths to make sure they get it, you have to ask yourself what the motive is. What is the definition of motive; "a reason for doing something, especially one that is hidden or not obvious."

Proposition 1 funds - Available or Not

At the candidate forum it was debated whether Prop 1 funds would be available outside of state projects.

The answer is yes and here is a summary of items that Prop 1 will be used for:

Specific spending proposals in the proposition include:[2]

  • $520 million to improve water quality for “beneficial use,” for reducing and preventing drinking water contaminants, disadvantaged communities, and the State Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund Small Community Grant Fund.
  • $1.495 billion for competitive grants for multibenefit ecosystem and watershed protection and restoration projects.
  • $810 million for expenditures on, and competitive grants and loans to, integrated regional water management plan projects.
  • $2.7 billion for water storage projects, dams and reservoirs.
  • $725 million for water recycling and advanced water treatment technology projects.
  • $900 million for competitive grants, and loans for, projects to prevent or clean up the contamination of groundwater that serves as a source of drinking water.
  • $395 million for statewide flood management projects and activities.

For the full text and more information, please visit:,_Water_Bond_(2014)

Letter to Press-Banner from Sherwin Gott

Press-Banner - September 25, 2014


In the Sept.12 editorial section, my fellow director felt the need to point out why I was censured by three board directors during my tenure in office.

I will simply respond as one of two directors who support a local water district run by the Lompico community.

My position is always in conflict with the three board directors who have been pushing strongly for merger without regards to what would happen if we remained in local control.

Since 2010, when the idea of merger was first proposed by SLVWD, a number of untruths have circulated amongst the community. The foremost, which is “Lompico does not have enough water” is simply untrue.

For example, in August — a drought month — LCWD produced 1,558,450 gallons of water, with two wells being offline for a total of 14 days with no water used from the Lompico creek.

During this same period, LCWD water demand was about 1,140,720 gallons of water — or an average of 78.5 gallons per household.

Also, it should be noted that a 6" interconnection is already in operation with SLVWD, a lack of water is no longer the problem it once was, thanks to both SLVWD and the State of California.

Another untruth is the cost of the merger. If the community decides to merge, the total cost is calculated to be $7,786,800 for the bond on 2.75 million dollars, $378,000 for the SLVWD surcharge, and $106,120 for the remaining balance for the CALPERS loan we borrowed from SLVWD.

The total cost is $8,270,920.

If we decided to stay local, I have estimated costs to be $1,172,839 — a difference of $7,098,081!

(Editor: Note that one reason we're told we can't stay independent is that we can't afford to hire a district manager. But we can afford an additional $7 Million ?!?!)

I have sent a copy of my estimate for keeping the water district within the Lompico community to the local newspapers to investigate the figures and have also posted all documents and quote costs for both the public and the Lompico community to examine for themselves at

Democracy requires an educated voter to decide for themselves. I encourage everyone to examine the facts and ignore the hype.


Sherwin Gott,

Costs to merge

Costs to stay independent

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