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My Pledge to Lompico

A vote for me is a vote for Local Control.

A vote for me ensures safe, abundant and affordable drinking water now, and for many years to come.

A vote for me is a vote that your voice will be heard, Lompico will be represented and I will do everything in my power to undo the damage that has been perpetrated against our water district. 

I will work long and hard to make sure that Lompico gets the best deal possible, be it staying independant or God Forbid, a possible merge. 

Information for Proposed Inter-Tie

I have read the proposal from Scotts Valley Water District on the Proposed Inter-Tie. The full report can be found on Scott's Valley Water Districts' website at, agenda of September 13, 2012, item 6.3.1.

Please understand, these agencies are deciding our future, along with three people from our water board. Everyone wants a vote, but the choice will be taken out of your hands if you elect the incumbents, as they have already agreed to merge "at any cost". We paid $30,000 towards this report.

Endorsements for Gail Jones

Lompico has been divided for too long! We need to pull together and find ways to fix our problems, not pass them on to someone else. It will be less expensive to fix it ourselves. Gail Jones understands this and will work towards those ends. She knows all too well that if we lose control of our water resource, we will never be able to recover it.

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Candidate Statement for Gail A. Jones

Dear Lompicans:
I am running for the water board as a citizen who knows that Lompico can responsibly fix our water, can create a reserve fund for emergencies, can hire qualified staff and will have clean and affordable drinking water. If elected, I will strive to ensure all these goals are met and that Lompico is known for the best quality and most affordable drinking water in the county.
I believe it is time for the Board of Directors to concentrate on operating our water district and working together for the people of Lompico. There is nothing wrong with our water district that we cannot fix ourselves. We have plenty of experience and knowledge at our fingertips and together we can Make Things Happen! Fiscal Responsibility, Improved Maintenance and Staff, Clean and Affordable Drinking Water, all are within our grasp with the right leadership.
Qualifications: 12 year homeowner, 20 plus yrs Exec Team Experience, Past President – Lompico Community Center (and current treasurer), Married w/children, Love Lompico!

San Lorenzo Valley Water District Customer Comments

Please click on this link for some comments about SLVWD.  They make some very good points that actually correlate with our situation.

To Merge or Not to Merge

What Lompico wants to know is…How much will it cost?

And the answer we receive is “Best Guess” (according to the Just the Facts website). However, according to their own estimated rate schedule it will cost the residents of Lompico $6,030,000. That’s over SIX MILLION dollars.

Okay…. So now we know what the estimates are. Let’s move on to what it will be used for:

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